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Coronaviruses and bats have been evolving together for millions of years

Scientists compared the different kinds of coronaviruses living in 36 bat species from the western Indian Ocean and nearby areas ...
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Key nose cells identified as likely COVID-19 virus entry points

Two specific nose cell types have been identified as likely initial infection points for COVID-19 coronavirus. Scientists discovered that goblet ...
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‘Designer virus’ is first new oral polio vaccine in 50 years

Virologists report promising Phase 1 clinical results for the first new oral polio vaccine in 50 years, which they have ...
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How birds evolved big brains

Evolutionary biologists and paleontologists have reconstructed the evolution of the avian brain using a massive dataset of brain volumes from ...
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Insects: Largest study to date finds declines on land, but recoveries in freshwater

A worldwide compilation of insect abundance studies shows the number of land-dwelling insects is in decline. On average, there is ...
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Photo Diary: The Kentucky “Creation Museum”

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a long history with creation “scientists”. Creationism is a fundamentalist Christian political ...
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San Diego doctor admits writing about 1,000 exemptions for anti-vaxxers who could afford fee

The California Medical Board has charged San Diego Dr. Tara Zandvliet with “gross and repeated negligence” for writing out almost ...
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After online harassment, Immunize Nevada cancels two events in one month

The nonprofit Immunize Nevada, a coalition that educates people on vaccinations, says it has had to cancel two events in ...
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‘Elegant’ solution reveals how the universe got its structure

The universe is full of billions of galaxies -- but their distribution across space is far from uniform. Why do ...
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