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Model: Possible simultaneous impact of global warming on agriculture and marine fisheries

An international team of researchers has built a model that shows the possible simultaneous impact of global warming on agriculture ...
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Richard Louv writes about how animals transform our lives

There's something magical and awe-inspiring about animal interactions that has yet to be explained by science ...
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Technology to keep lights on could help prevent wildfires

B. Don Russell wasn't thinking about preventing a wildfire when he developed a tool to detect power line problems before ...
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Scientists surprised by what first-ever recording of a blue whale’s heart reveals

Among other things, the data reveals answers about the size of blue whales, the largest organisms to have ever lived ...
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Researchers develop early warning system for water pollution using tiny water fleas

Researchers at the University of Toronto are developing an early warning system for water quality and pollution that combines tiny ...
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Studies highlight fragility of Antarctic ecosystems

Two studies published in a special issue of the journal Science Advances this week highlight the fragility of the Antarctic ...
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Researchers measure worldwide nitrogen levels in grasslands

Soil nitrogen in grasslands covering almost a third of Earth's surface is a critical ingredient for producing food and stemming ...
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What’s driving erosion worldwide?

ETH Zurich researchers are reexamining the causes of soil erosion around the world—and have found that countries themselves have a ...
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Study shows lake methane emissions should prompt rethink on climate change

A new study from Swansea University has given new insights into how the greenhouse gas methane is being produced in ...
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Outlook for the polar regions in a 2-degrees-warmer world

With 2019 on pace as one of the warmest years on record, a major new study from the University of ...
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