9 Ways to Layout Your Gallery Wall

Helloooo gallery wall!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been putting together a gallery wall for Frankie’s room. But rather than just art, I’ve been mixing prints with fabrics, tickets, keepsakes and various mementos. Kind of like a scrapbook on the wall! I even framed Frankie’s TINY pink hospital bracelet, which even though it’s such a simple piece my heart melts every time I look at it. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite gallery walls as inspiration, as well as nine ideas for how to style yours.

Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall
Gallery Wall

We’ve put together a few gallery wall ideas, which will hopefully inspire you when you’re putting your own together.

Gallery Wall

How to Choose The Right Gallery Wall Layout

Space Obviously one of the key elements of your gallery wall will be the space that you want to put it in, mainly in terms of the size of the wall. But don’t feel you have to fill the whole wall – you can do a vertical or horizontal section only if that works better or if your collection is limited.

Collection The types of frames and elements that you want to integrate will determine the best gallery layout, and whether it is symmetrical or more random in the layout. Rule of thumb? If you have similar sized frames or identical type pieces, go for symmetry, if you have more eclectic pieces a random design will be better.

Design When deciding on your gallery wall, think about the design of the room and how the art or collection will add to that. Also consider how the furniture and colour palette will work together.

Here are a few of my favourite gallery walls from around the internet. You can see that I’m really drawn to the mix & match layout! Stay tuned for the pics of Frankie’s wall, and a little how to.


Gallery Wall
Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall
Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall
Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

Inspiring Via: Mor Til Mernee,  My Scandinavian Home, SF Girl By Bay, My Scandinavian Home, Cat Esthill, The Urbnite, The Every Girl.

Gallery Wall

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DIY Embroidered Straw Bag

Remember my obsession with vintage souvenir bags last year? Well, the fixation hasn’t subsided and I suddenly had the crazy idea of DIYing my own this summer. To be honest, this spontaneous decision with met…

8 Unique Ways to Preserve Your Holiday Memories

Most of us take quite a few photos when we travel. We do so because we really want to remember the good times we have had while exploring the globe.

The only problem is that we rarely find the time to get them out and enjoy them.

As a result, it is all too easy for your travel memories to fade.

To help you to make sure that does not happen, I have put together a few suggestions. They are all easy and cheap to do, so let’s get stuck in…

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#1 Map Out Where You Have Been

Travel Map and Camera

Keeping track of all of the places you have been lucky enough to visit on a world map is an effective way of remembering where you have been.

Firms like the canvas printing company sell some really nice versions, which would look fantastic on your wall.

Importantly, they are specifically designed to have pins pushed into them.

If you want to you could use different colour pins to indicate what type of holiday you were on when you visited that place (for example, blue for skiing holidays, gold for surfing trips and red for a hiking adventures.)

Another approach is to use different colour pins to denote the year you visited each destination.


#2 Use Your Photos to Create a Picture Wall


Putting some of your photos on display is a really good way to make sure you remember your favourite travel destinations… and there are lots of ways for you to do this.

You could simply pick up lots of small picture frames from charity shops and put a photo in each of them. Once you have enough you can arrange them in pleasing patterns, on your walls.

Another approach is to make copies of your photos and stick them all over your fridge door.

To make sure it is still easy to keep your fridge clean, just apply sticky back plastic over the top or lacquer it.

But only do this if you are prepared to leave those photos in place for the long-term!

In theory, you can strip the photos off and return your fridge to its former state at any time. But, I cannot guarantee that this will be possible!


#3 Order Customized Photo Items for your Home

These days, you can have your special images incorporated into all kinds of household items, like mugs, phone covers, and bedding.


#4 Get Decorating!

If you are not a particularly big traveller, do not worry because you can still create travel themed decorative items and use them in your home.

For example, cover large baubles in pages from an atlas and coat them with a transparent lacquer.

You will find plenty of inspiration on places like YouTube, craft forums and Pinterest.


#5 Create a Physical Scrapbook

travel scrapbook

Creating a traditional scrapbook is easy, especially if you add a few pages each time you get back from your travels.

Sitting down and going through that book with someone is a lovely way to while away a couple of hours. It is fun as well as relaxing.

There are several approaches you could take.

One of the best is to buy an old style photo album for each trip or place you visited and fill it with a combination of photos and written text.

Taping a pen drive to the inside cover with all of the relevant videos and photos of your trip on it will enable you to keep a complete picture of each experience.

If you like to keep physical reminders, for example, exhibit tickets and souvenirs from your travels just buy yourself a box file for each trip.

You can easily stow this on your bookshelf alongside your physical travel journal.

If you bring back big items, e.g. a rug from Turkey, take a photo of where you bought it and one of the actual item.

You can then either include these in your travel journal or put a copy of the photo in your box file.


#6 Use a Travel Journal App

Travel Couple

There are now several travel journal apps available. You just need to download the one you like and use it to keep a record of each of your trips.

Provided you continue to pay the subscription fee, you will be able to share your travel photos, notes, videos and audio files with your loved ones.

Plus, of course, you will be able to dip in and out of your travel experiences whenever you want.


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#7 Make Presentations About Your Travels to Local Groups

If you have travelled to exotic places you could potentially put together a presentation of your experiences and share them with local clubs and / or associations.

In some areas, scout groups, travel meet-ups and organisations like the Women’s Institute will be interested in your sharing your experiences with their members.

Potentially, you can also upload them online to places like Slideshare, or even turn them into an e-book or some YouTube videos.

The latest software makes this surprisingly easy to do.


#8 Set up a Travel Blog

Travel Blog

Setting up a travel website is surprisingly easy to do.

Potentially, you could use a free platform like Blogger to do this.

Uploading your photos and videos as you go alongside a few words about each experience is a really efficient way to keep your travel memories organised.

Plus, provided you maintain your website, you and your friends will always have access to your travel memories.

Of course, there are more ways to save your travel memories, so you can enjoy them for years to come, but, these are by far my favourite methods.

What about you?

How do you preserve your travel memories?

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LIVE WELL: Double Cleanse

I’ve been hearing the phrase “double cleanse” more and more lately, so I thought I’d weigh in with a LIVE WELL installment on the topic.

Double cleansing is the very trendy thing to do right now when it comes to skincare. All the big magazines and beauty resources are raving about it—I’m sure you’ve seen it. And if they allllll say it’s good, it probably is. But IMO, the key to quality skincare is simply listening to your skin and giving it what it needs in that moment. Sometimes that’s two cleansers, sometimes that’s one. Whatever works best for you!

But how did this even become a thing? Well, with the increasing popularity of Korean beauty, double cleansing, one of K-beauty’s most well-known rituals, rose in the charts to become one of the most important steps in one’s skincare routine.

The pros over at Allure spoke to a dermatologist that suggested thinking of it as first lifting the dirt, grime and pollutants and then washing them away. The same dermatologist also recommended first using an oil-based cleanser or micellar water—something that will really “lift” the impurities. For your second cleanser, it’s suggested to use something that’s super gentle and lathers nicely.

It’s also important to note that the main benefit of double cleansing is that products can really be more effective when applied to an already clean face, so having that first cleanser to remove and the second to penetrate is never a bad thing.

What’s been your experience with double cleansing? Is it something you practice regularly? I’m into trying!

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What to DIY Vs Leave to a Professional When Renovating

Hey guys! A little while ago I did a Q&A on Instagram all about our renovation, and got soooooo many great questions! If you want to see the results, I’ve listed them in the Q&A highlight on my profile.

One that came up a bit was the question of ‘What should I DIY, and what should I leave to the professionals?’. Which is SUCH a good question. When you’re renovating, there’s so much fun and excitement in getting stuck in with DIYs and projects of your own. But at the same time, you want to make sure that updates to your house are done properly, in a way that will increase the value and functionality of your space… And not have to be redone!

Working with Ben on our renovation, it’s been quite interesting to get an expert opinion on what can and should be DIYed in a renovation, and what should be left to someone who does it day in and day out and will do it the right way. Yes, there’s youtube videos for just about everything, but while it is *possible* to do everything yourself, unless you’re seriously talented it’s not always advisable. Obviously, the fact that we aren’t living on site and have been travelling to and from Hong Kong during this renovation has meant for a lot of the house we have worked with builders and contractors to get all the big things done, but that said, if you have more time on site there are lots of things that you can DIY, and also some that you *definitely* shouldn’t. Read on for Ben’s expert opinion!

What to DIY vs Leave to a Professional

We created an illustration so you can bookmark this for your home Reno!

What to DIY vs Leave to a Professional

What to DIY vs Leave to a Professional When Renovating

You Can Totally DIY

Selecting Materials & Appliances – This is definitely something that you can tackle yourself, and it’s actually a really fun part of the process, so long as you can avoid getting overwhelmed by choice! That said, consult your builder if you’re unsure on a certain material.

Minor Demolition – Removing smaller items from your house like cabinets and shelving is something you can do yourself, but for major demolition school as walls make sure you speak to a professional as accidentally removing a load bearing beam can be a disaster.

Painting Interiors & Furniture – Painting is much much harder than it looks, from choosing the right paints for the area, prepping the surface to painting multiple coats. Painting a room well is no easy task! That said, anyone who has renovated will have painted an indoor wall or room, you can definitely do it! We’ll be sharing a few DIYs for this down the track so stay tuned.

Installing a Flat pack kitchen – So long as you’re handy with a drill and good at reading instructions you’ll generally  be able to put together a flat pack kitchen like the ones they sell at IKEA or Kaboodle. They’re designed to be easy! That said, if you want some customisations you might need to speak to a professional.

Landscaping – The most difficult part of landscaping (other than the design) is prepping the site – creating garden beds with soil that will actually grow  and putting in watering systems, so perhaps consider using someone to help you do this. But once that is done, planting trees is something that you can definitely do yourself!

Simple tiling – Ok so this is where Ben and I diverge in opinion. He feels that any sort of tiling should be done by a professional so it looks 100%. However, in the past I have helped my mum tile and grout a bathroom, using simple tiles that come in sheets. The outcome wasn’t too bad and is an option if you’re tight on budget. Even simply doing the grouting is possible if you want to get a tiler to lay the tiles.

Decor Updates – Anything to do with the smaller, decor elements of a renovation can be done yourself like installing new doorknobs, making curtains, updating nightshades, painting doors, hanging mirrors, putting together furniture.

For the pros

Designing the plans for your house – Unless you are an architect or a designer, it’s best to get someone to help you with the plans for your new house/update. That said, if it’s a small update you can often just do that with your builder and skip having plans, but know that the details will be down to what the builder decides on the fly.

Painting exteriors – Painting exteriors is much more complicated than your average bedroom, due to the paint and prep required. It’s also the outside of your house which is pretty hard to cover up if it doesn’t look crash hot. So I would make sure you’re across it completely before embarking on an exterior paint job, or better yet opt for a professional if you can afford it, it’s money well spent.

Structural Updates – Anything structural to the house should involve atlas a conversation with a professional.

Complicated tiling – Remember that post I put about about our tile layout? Well most of the ones I suggested there would be quite difficult to install, and not something a novice tiler should be trying out. Herringbone is best left for the professionals!

Plumbing – Depending on where you live, not only is it advisable to have a professional do your plumbing work, it’s actually the law!

Lighting and electricals – In the same vein as the plumbing work, you should get a professional to help you with anything to do with installing electricals, although once you get lights put in, you can always update the light shades.

What to DIY vs Leave to a Professional
What to DIY vs Leave to a Professional

Obviously when it comes to what you should DIY it’s about your skill and experience level, as well as how much time you have to sink into learning and experimenting on the job – if you live in your renovation you’ll probably be more open to experimentation. Those of you with more skills will be able to do more complicated projects. But if in doubt, consult a professional, and at least cost it up before you decide. And consider what it would cost to have to do it twice!

What to DIY vs Leave to a Professional

What to DIY vs Leave to a Professional
What to DIY vs Leave to a Professional

What to DIY vs Leave to a Professional

What to DIY vs Leave to a Professional
What to DIY vs Leave to a Professional

Stay tuned for more renovation ideas and guides!

What to DIY vs Leave to a Professional

Going through a renovation yourself? Here’s a process of how our renovation came along from choosing our Tile Patterns to Material and Colour Palettes. You can find the inside scoop to behind the scenes at our renovation here as well!

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