“Wising Up The Marks” means learning to hear what is NOT SPOKEN to understand the truth.

This phrase comes from a career military friend of ours.  His wisdom and heart live in articles and opinions expressed here.   

“Wising Up The Marks” means helping the majority not in power understand the motives of those in power.  Wising Up The Marks reveals who is really supporting us and who is not.  Exposing their motives reveals what is really going on behind closed doors and how we can work for CHANGE. 


We hope you will find understanding that helps you in your daily struggle.  Finding meaning, inspiration and understanding behind the mayhem can often help us cope with personal challenges.

If you find help here, please visit our Charities page and consider contributing or getting involved.  Even small contributions make a difference.  Small acts of kindness can ease the sting of daily life.

Thanks to all those who defend those less fortunate and work to build a better future for everyone.  In our hearts we stands with you and admire your struggle and fortitude against powerful odds.


Consider sharing your story to inspire others who are less fortunate.

– Blessings to everyone from all of us at WisingUpTheMarks.com.