Seven DIY Ways To Use Rope In Your Space

Hello from sunny Spain guys! I’ve had such an amazing time visiting lots of different traditional craft stores, meeting makers, and learning Mallorca’s creative history. I can’t wait to share all that with you.

One of my favourite things about this country (other than the people, the food, the beaches etc etc etc) is alllll the traditional crafts that are present, and how much the makers appreciate materials.  Take rope for example, which is such a gorgeous material to work with and is used in everything from decor to accessories (pssst check out our macrame knot guide here). Being here is so inspiring, that I thought it would be nice to recap some of our rope projects wth you. Enjoy!

The Rope Planter

You can do a surprising number of things with rope and hot glue, one of which is to make a planter or basket. This is a very easy alternative to making a rope basket using a sewing machine!

Make the rope planter

Rope Belt

Who says rope has to be just for your home? In my (very humble!) opinion, it looks just as good on your body as well.

Make this rope belt

DIY Rope Belt
The New A Pair & A Spare

Reworked Rope Wrapped Chair

You guys know how much I love breathing new life into old things, and it turns out that some rope is very useful in doing just that. Here, we turn an ugly office chair into a gorgeous rope seat.

Make this chair

DIY Rope Wrapped Chair

The Woven Rope Box

Weaving is hard guys! But this box is easy, I promise. We used cardboard as a quasi loom, and it’s a project that really works.

Make the woven box

The Rope Rug

This rope rug is a project of epic proportions, but it’s an incredible one to embark on.

Make the rope rug

DIY Rope Rug

DIY Rope Rug How to
DIY Rope Rug

The Macrame Chair

It will come as no surprise that we love macrame, and this deck chair turned macrame beauty is a homage to our love of all things rope.

Make the macrame chair

The Twine Wrapped Lamp

Rope isn’t just for weaving, it’s for wrapping too. This project is a crazy easy Ikea hack that takes a very simple lampshade from boring to beautiful.

Make this lamp

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